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Christopher Latham
13 December 1967
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"Ladies & Gentelman of the world, it is my utmost privlage to announce to you that these Little Green Men actually do exist, for they are part of the eternal past and venture from all regions of our galaxy to find homage in our earth's center. Governments of the world have been very good at concealing these little visitors and preparing the public with loving movies and pleasent melodies. Controlled media as to cushion the impact of the arrival of our little friends. You see, throughout history many people have clamed to see strange lights in the sky.
Well, the truth of the matter is that these lights, and beings, will only reveal themselves to those who are pure at heart, for those enlightened aliens leave permanent imprinted information on the psyche of those chosen humans only to be revealed to our deteriorating planet at the point in which our civilization shall enter the new age of "Light Without Heat."

Born and raised in Texas. Been visiting Colorado since I was 3. Moved to Durango when I was 22. Lived there for 8 years, working jobs anywhere from being a dish-pig to Music store to palying in a band to working for UPS. Then delivering electrical supplies all over the four corners. Moved to Sierra Vista, AZ (near Tucson) where I met some of the best friends I will ever have. Lived in Sedona, worked in Flagstaff went to school in Scottsdale. Moved back to CO in 2001, lived in Denver for 10 years, and now Im back in Phoenix. I am a massage therapist working for Aji Spa in the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and have a private practice and loving life!

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