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The · write · side · of · my · mind

the voices, THE VOICES! They're getting SO loud!

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Yup, I’m still alive ❤️
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as I sit here reading, I keep feeling as if a "lightness" or magnetic force is pulling me upwards. Like something is pulling me out of my body. Its an interesting feeling. It feels magnetic or like a flow like Im being pulled along a stream of water or air but I am still "in" my body and aware. The feeling comes and goes with different levels of intensity but it makes me want to fly or float away.
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Ok, Ive been being gently "instructed" to start sitting down and typing messages from my gudes for a few months now. So Today is my first one.
I had been feeling all morning "something" telling me to "type". I kept putting it off, reading this or that on the internet, watching a video or two, delaying, delaying. My silly ego. I just have to shut it off. FORCE it off, gentley let it go and send it love and listen to my heart and spirit. Just DO IT!
So here is my first one that I just finished. Its from Michael. He is with me ALL the time. I see him as a blue orb flashing in an instant in and just outside of my vision. He just "told" me he will be giving me most of the messages to type. He is AWESOME! Love his energy.
So I just sat down, put my hands on the keyboard, closed my eyes, and this is what came through typos and all.
Im feeling this is just the begining of something big for me.
I havent even read it back yet. I will NOT be apeasing my ego by correcting all the typos. I will just go with the flow and let it be as is. I sometimes lose my spot when Im typing so have to look at what Im doing and where my hands are placed. I only peeked a few times during this message to make sure I was still on "home row" ;-)

June 25, 2012

Oh now your ready. We need you to sit and type when the call is made. It is your job. One of your jobs to work for the light to help us. To spread the word. You are to begin spreading and sharing your voice, our boice through you. You are a special being and it is time that you embraced it. You are all special beings and it is time that all of you emb race it. Love. Love is the key and the answer to all your problems. You are doing fine, keep going. It is easy for you. You just have to let go. I am Michael and I am alwaes with you. Always. You see me come to you coneistantly throughout your day. I am the blue orb. I speak with your spirit constantly een when you are not aware of it. Do not change our words. Tupe them as you hear them. Continue. You will begin to post this on your blog. Don’t not cross your feet. It cots the flow off. But be comfortable. You are to believe the words you read on the internet. They are confirmation for you. But please use discernment. If it invokes fear, then it is not true. But if it is words that you havbe never heard before and makes you wonder or feel sympathy for the person place or thing that is being discussed, then it is truth on some level and send it love and light. Bush’s really have SO much karma. Along with rothchilds, reockefellers, and other family and blood lines. They have some idea that things are endeing. They have been warned/informed. Their world/walls are crumbleing benteath their feeta s we speak. It will not be long now. Continue to workl lupon yourselves always. Open your hearts and minds. Be in LOVE. Send Love, be love, receive love. It is nNOT an emotion. It is an vibration of the deepest level and highest intensity. BE it. FEEL it KNOW it. . there is only Love. Nothing else matters.

“shall I publish this?”

By all means. SHARE. It is one of many mmmmm jobs, tasks, duties you have along with healing, seeing, loving everyone and everything around you. .

“can I explain?”

Yes, so that others may see that it is easy to hear/see/feel us in the higher realms. EVERYONE can do it. We are here to help you transform this world into what it was agreed upon long long ago. The time is now NOW! Do and continue your work. Keep on keeping on. Spread the light. Meditate often, daily several times a day if you wish. Be alone. Contemplate, turn off and float. It helps to recharge you and helps with the integration of the higher vibrational energies that arebombarding the planet and that will continue to do so at an every increasing  incriments. Each wave builds on the previous one. All will see physical manifest soon of all that has been aheppening in the unseen behind the scenes. SOON! Within days and weeks. End of year is important but will be a subtle continuation of what is occurring now. Keep opening your selves, mind body heart spirit to all that is. All these energies and light and LOVE that is being sent to you and that you are helping to creat. You are very powerful beings and most have no idea that they are in control of thies own destiny and lifes. Each manifest moment to moment. You all have to ability and power to change your lifes at a moment to moment basis. All you have to do is choose a new path, reality and it will be made so through manifestation. You are great manifestors. You will all realize this with time. A short time VERY short time. DO NOT fear. DO NOT go into the old ways of fear and contril. When you observe something happeing on your world as life changing or altering. Remember it is how it should be to reach the next lever of enlightenment. Even if it seems negative at the moment, know that all is for the good of all. REMEMBER to send LOVE and LIGHT to all situations. The energy will folklore (follow) your thoughs. So be mindful of your thoughts. ALL of them. Energy followes everything. It does not discern. Be mindful. Learn discernment.. know ehn and where to send light.. Do not go into fear. REMEMBER this always. Just allow. Just allow. Allow……

Thank you…

Ok as I read this back, it made me laugh with joy and amazement and brought tears to my eyes. Yup, I can do it. Now to keep doing it.........

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My good friend Jen (from Durango days) whom I havent seen in over 12 years since her wedding in MN came for a visit last sunday and was staying thru Wednesday evening. She landed Sunday morning and it was SO incredible to see her and give her a BIG hug at the airport. We went to the house so she could meet Steve and Daisy and then we were off to meet Ben, Brian, and Kevin timberkev at the good Egg for a nice Brunch. 
Then is was off to Sedona. Steve had decided to give Jen and I a few days to ourselves so we could catch up and spend some quality time together. I am SO thankful for Steve allowing us this space! Jen and I talked SO much on the way up (the entire three days, for that matter) that we never even really turned on any music except for about three Jellyfish songs. We didnt need it. We needed to just communicate and laugh and be.
We arrived in Sedona just before sundown and headed straight to Red Rock Crossing and to Buddah Beach in the shadows of the base of Cathedral Rock. The lighting was stunning! Buddah Beach is known for then 100s of Cairns that people build out of the river rock there. Its beautiful and magical. I personally built about ten of them. It started to get dark so we decided to head out and meet up with Harley and Lee who's house we were staying at.
For the next 24 hours or so, we ate good food, went on an amazing hike, had a pic-nic, talked, laughed, and just generally had a grand time. Tuesday was the day we were to head back to Phoenix. we got a late morning start and the first stop headed out was the Chaple on the Rocks. I love this place. its a once Catholic church built right into the red rocks Frank Lloyd Wright style. And it sits right on a vortex. The energy there is amazing and peaceful!
Harley and Lee have two big beautiful crystal salt lamps and Jen had mentioned she would love to find one to take home. After the Chaple, we decided to start the hunt for the lamp. We passed the Center of the New Age and right next door was a shop I had gone into before that I liked. I said "Let's pop in here" and quickly turned into the parking lot.
We walked into the store and it had completely changed from the last time I was there. Gone was the shelfs of cluter and was replaced by an open airy nice crystal shop! "Wow! This place sure has changed" I said when I walked in the door. The lady behind the counter welcomed us and said that it was a hands on store and that we could pick up and touch anything we wanted. I turned to notice that they had the salt lamps and they were on sale! Jen picked out two as we walked around the store a bit and looked at rocks and crystals and even played the singing crystal bowl they had there. There was another woman in the store buying four of the lamps. Jen made her purchase and we said our good-byes and went out the door with two salt lamps in hand. As we were getting in the truck, I looked up on the front of the store and saw this symbol:

I was SHOCKED! I asked Jen to look up at the symbol and ask her if she recognized it. She did! "Isnt that the symbol that you made in your backyard?"
Several months ago, I was playing with my heart stones and a crystal as well as some river rocks I used to do hot stone massage with. I was just playing with the heart stones and trying to prop up the crystal in the middle of them. Then I needed the four directions. Then I needed an infiniti symbol. Then I will just put these little stones here representing the 7 chakras in the body and the 5 that are in the etheric body and came up with this:

I was simply going to just get in the truck and drive off. Jen insisted we go back inside and ask what the symbol meant and where it came from.
I walked right up to the counter where the salesperson was helping the woman with the four lamps and I interupted not even thinking twice about it. "What does that symbol on the building mean?" She (The salesperson, Debbie) told us the story of the woman that owns the store was in the ocean and was drowning and had a near death experience when Brother Jesus appeared to her and gave her the symbol in her third eye. She called it the "Utamay". Then I showed her the picture on my phone of the symbol that I had made in the backyard. She immediatly lit up and asked me to email the pic to her that she had to show her boss.
The lady with the four lamps was ready to leave so I offered to help her out with her heavy box. Debbie said that when I come back in, she had something she wanted to show me. I quickly helped the lady out and ran back in to see what it was she wanted to show me.
Debbie brought out what looked like a cloth make-up back, placed it on the counter and I heard a metalic clunk come from the bag. She unzips it and pulls out four metal bracelettes and stacked them up to look like this:

Big, clunky and not really very pretty. But still VERY interesting looking. The four stacked together formed what Debbie called the "Divine Female". My immediate reaction to them was that they were "Galactic" meaning, not from around here or of this earth. Jen had an immediate reaction of awe and a profound feeling she had worked with these bracelettes before. They felt very familiar to her. Debbie told me that she is only supposed to shoe them to certain people and that I (and Jen) was one of those people. She showed us how to hold them and then invited us to stand or sit in the chairs that were inside or we could go outside and sit in the meditation garden whick had this HUGE stone in it with 100s of beautiful crystal point of all shapes and sizes all over it. It was coolish, slightly windy, and overcast outside but we were "encouraged" to go outside anyway. So we did.
Jen was about to burst at the seams walking out the door. I was just like "neat bracelettes" and didnt think much of them but Im open to it. The INSTANT we sat down in the two chairs that were more or less facing each other with the huge crystal between us, Jen looked at me with this crazy "oh shit" look on her face and said: "Chris?". At that exact moment, we both LOST IT! Laughter like I have NEVER laughed before! Jen has a boisterous loud infectious laugh about her. I think they could hear her from across the street! I was laughing SO hard, no sound was coming out, my eyes were tearing up, and my abs hurst so bad from laughing SO hard, I could barely sit up in the chair!
There were only two things I could think of: What the fuck was happening to us and JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For nearly half an hour we laughed HYSTERICALLY!!!! Hard and deep. Joy was pouring out of my body and filling it at the same time. It was one of the strangest yet amazing things that has ever happened to me. There was nothing that was particularly funny or silly. It was mearly the outpouring of JOY as we were both filled and profoundly infused with it. It felt as though something was being activated within me. An activation of deeply profound JOY. Now everytime I even see or hear someone use the term joy, I think to myself, they have NO idea of the deeper meaning of that word. We also tried moving the bracelettes to different parts of our bodies and also putting the two ends together. Each movement prompted even deeper laughter. I then moved my chair over to Jen's and but the four bracelettes end to end and it was WAY too much for that split second. I had to back off and go back to where I was.
Finally, after almost forty minutes, we had calmed down enough to get up and go back inside. Debbie was blown away with our reactions to working with the bracelettes. She has been documenting every person's reaction to them and our's was the most intense she has seen yet!
I LOVED this experince. So much so I couldnt wait to sit with them again. I knew that the second time would not be like the first. The first, I got infused and activated, the second was an alignment that I wrote about in the previous entry.
I have some crazy things happen to me and this one ranks up there with the best of them.
I have a feeling that this year, as energies increase upon our planet, that I along with everyone else on this planet, will begin and continue to see amazing things and experince life like never before. I LOVE this and I want MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!
Bring it on Universe!
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Wow, it has been  a LONG time since I posted on here. SO much has transpired in my life over the past few years!
I really do love typing out my thoughts and lately Facebook took alot of my time. But I dont like to get too intmate on there since there are a millions of people on there and I dont need everyone knowing my biz.
Lots of energy, shifting, evolving happening lately with this crazy thing called 2012.
All I can say is ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY!!!!!
Last night, I couldnt get comfortable in bed. I had spent some time in Sedona with the "bracelette's" (more on that later) yesterday. Was nice and mellow and felt I got an alignment as well as opening the chakra's in my feet to connect with Mother Earth Gaia. As I lay down, there was an intense tingle/vibration/uncomfrotable/agitated nerve kind of feeling in my second chakra. Felt like it was in or just behind my penis. Was weird and uncomfortable. So I rolled around a bit and found it felt better if I lay on my left side. As I breathed into it, I noticed it got more comfortable and I could feel the chakra spinning and activating. Simultaniously, the same feeling started in my tail bone, then moved to just below my belly button, and then into my heart chakra in the middle of my chest. It did not go up any higher then that.
There was an intense awareness of each individual chakra and the energy/vibration/nervey feeling was different with each chakra. It was like I was feeling the color of each one but not seeing them.
I just took a few deep breaths and allowed my awareness to go to each one and feel each one. Then I felt them as a whole. It was quite intense. Then I fell asleep only to have crazy dreams as usual. At this moment, I cant remember any of them. But they were all across the board.
I do feel that feeling these chakra's energy as intensely as I did had to do with the Braceletts from yesterday and the alignment they helped create within me.
It made for a very deep sleep and I found it hard to awaken this morning.
More to come on the bracelettes from my first encounter with them last tuesday and the experience I had with them yesterday, later......
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Been thiking about getting back into writing on here again.
Got alot to get out :o)


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Im thinking about putting together a trip to AZ to see some old friends and do some massage on some of my old clients. Anyone there interested in booking an appointment to help pay for my trip?
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Two Months Ago...........
Damaris (old friend from high school): Hey Chris! If I bought you a ticket to come see me in New Orleans for Labor Day weekend and Southern Decadence would you come?
Me: WELL,HELL YEAH!! Ive always wanted to see New Orleans and experience Decadence!
Damaris: Ive bought you a ticket to stay here for a week. You can stay with me for the first few days then Kevin (the guy Im seeing) can drive over from Pensacola and get a room and you two can get your game on and then we can go get decadent! Sound like a plan?
Me: DUH!!!!
Sitting at Damaris house which is on the Navy Base for the past two days. I havent seen the Quarter yet. There is a hurricane coming. They are evacuating the Base tomorow, I have Kevin coming over either tonight or tomorow to pick me up. We were going to be staying downtown at the Hilton but those plans are being changed due to the impending storm that is coming. Now it may look like I will be heading back to Pensacola with him. OR, should I just fly out back to Denver into the madness that is the DNC?
Im not upset or depressed about all of this. Im just going stir crazy stuck in a house that I cant come and go as I please. I could take a cab into town and go tool around the quarter, but then damaris will need help with packing and all. 
Just a little frustrated and humored at the same time. HEH!

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I just woke up from a nap. I LOVE taking naps. But I found that if I stay in bed after my first wake up (after about an hour), I end up falling back asleep and wake up VERY groggy.  
I have this "thing" happen to me about once a week now if I can find the time to actually nap. I find that this "thing" is happening more and more. 
The "thing" that happens is: Just a few seconds before waking, I "hear" something. I hear music! And not music that I have heard on the radio or anywhere else. Its usually a riff of sorts that is melodic and catchy. I have also noticed that if I dont get up IMMEDIATLY and pick up my guitar to decifer what it was I was hearing in my head onto the guitar, it is lost forever. Sometimes I just hear the riff by itself. Most of the time I hear the other instruments, chord progressions, solos, drums, time changes, the works! The problem is that the memory of what was playing in my head fades so quickly that I am not able to get it all out. Like a dream does when you first wake from it. 
Im getting better and quicker at figuring the riff out. The more I have been playing and getting to know my guitar and music, the quicker these things come to me and I figure out. I wake up and immediatly start humming it. Once I establish the key, I go from there. 
Once, a few months ago, I was in the shower after waking from an afternoon nap and the same thing happened. I had to quickly dry off and run into my room with just a towel on and get the song out of my head and onto the guitar. That song became "Open Road" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ7OyPD_7HM My FAVORITE song we play so far. 
My other problem with this process is that I have no "formal" way of recording the idea once I get it to guitar. For now, Im just using my cell phone's video feature and I record a little 30 second snippit of the idea just so I dont forget it. Then I come back to it later. Im looking into M-Audio's Black Box that I can just plug into and it goes right into my computer. Then I can use my recording software and start putting these ideas down in mp3 format and also layer and add drums since the Black Box has a drum machine as well as 40 diffrent amp simulators. Muscians Friend has them for $129.00 online. May order that next week.
The other problem I have with these "dream whispers" is that I am lazy when it comes to getting out of bed. Today, I woke up hearing the riff. I thought "aww I will remember this one, I just want to fall back asleep for a little longer." Then the riff kept getting louder, and louder, and LOUDER!!! Then the "voice" came and said "GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED AND PICK UP YOUR GUITAR!!!! WE DONT GIVE YOU THESE IDEAS FOR NOTHING YOU KNOW!!!!!" So, I got up, pulled the acoustic out of the case sat there naked on the chair in the dark, figured the riff out (its in F. I dont ever write in F! whats up with that? and who am I to question the ghosts that whisper riffs into my ear while Im sleeping?) got it somewhat smooth, grabed my phone, hit "record", and now I have a new idea for a new song! I will come back to it later this evening when I do some practicing. 
The guys in the band give me shit all the time because every other practice we have, I have a new idea (this is NOT a bad thing!) Last night at practice, we did some polishing on SIX new tunes! I cant wait to get them complete. ALL of them nice quality pieces that will be fun and melodic to play!
I feel so blessed to have this inner voice that I listen too (most of the time). 
PLEASE dont ever stop whispering to me!
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